Ultimately my autobiography.

Croatian aspiring blogger that enjoys writing, makeup, food, and free time but does not have enough of any of the above.1424557_10205696393984163_8698226504738508355_n

I study computer science, and am currently focusing on the area of computer vision at the University of Zagreb. It’s not bad, it’s not hard, it’s the perfect amount of stress and fun.

My favourite past time is procrastination and anything that goes with it, hence the blog, the makeup, the millions of movies and TV shows that I have watched, am watching, or will watch in the future. It’s amazing truly, how many episodes you can fit into a few hours that are supposed to be productive work.

Dog person, but cat lover.


I have too many social media accounts to count.

Also I write.

✨sparkle sparkle bitch✨,


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