First round of birthday presents.

Sidenote: ever since I started using CS6 my gifs have been horrible and I can not make them work. sparkle sparkle, TeeGlow


Things I’ve spent in April.

Besides my general motivation, nights of sleep, and dreams. First things first: I had exams in April which means I did not spend many things to start with. But I did enjoy the ones I've ended this month. And I'll just quickly share them with you. Most of these I will repurchase (or I have... Continue Reading →

Favourite cake.

Listen. It's not gluten free, it's not vegan or vegetarian friendly, and it does not look like anything special. But it has rum and it has chocolate, so I daresay it's one of the best damn cakes out there.

"... something that one's efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish; purpose; goal; target. So, what is the objective of this blog?"

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