Beauty Product Breakdown; BPB

Beauty Product Breakdown or BPB for short is a series where I will take a beauty product and do an extensive analysis (ingredients + what they do; overall reviews; whether or not I liked it).



  Hello, friends! I wanted to drop by in case anyone has missed this and let you know. ColourPop first of all has free worldwide shipping (which is AWESOME!) so without anything else I do suggest you go check out if you want something. Other than that you can get 3 eye shadows or pigments... Continue Reading →

Coconut oil. (1/?)

I use coconut oil for... p much everything. I use it on its own on my hair, I use it when I make some DIY hair masks. I use it on my whole body, I use it on my face. I cook with it! I mean, I am not sure if I'm doing the whole coconut oil thing correctly but I sort of jumped on it and I just abuse its powers as much as I can... That sounds weird.

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