… finally arrived.

My ColourPop order, I mean.

And I don’t mean finally, it really did not take too long for it to reach me. Based on some online comments I thought it would take almost a month. But it didn’t, and I am SO GLAD I finally have these babes with me.

My complete order consisted of 6 liquid lipsticks + 3 pressed eyeshadows.


My full order was, as follows (top to bottom):

  • Flitter, Ultra MetallicΒ Lip
  • Bumble, Ultra Matte Lip
  • Speed Dial, Ultra Matte Lip
  • Are & Be, Ultra Matte Lip
  • Aquarius, Ultra Satin Lip
  • Dopey, Ultra Satin Lip
  • London Fog, Ultra Satin Lip
  • + eyeshadow

Overall, I am SO HAPPY! I mean I have heard good (great) things about their lipsticks (but also have read some bad reviews and to those I say ???). I mean yes the matte lip does dry down dry, but so does pretty much every other matte one I have tried. Plus, this one works really well with lip balm underneath (something I can’t tell about some other matte lipsticks I’ve owned/tried). With that being said I do prefer the Ultra Satin lip finish and how it feels on my lips much more (essentially the satin one feels like matte + lip balm; but matte still dries down quickly).

Oh, and the mettalic one? It’s SO WONDERFUL. I mean the colour, I love it. I am a sparkle sparkle b, so obviously I love the colour. (that being said, it is a bit stickier than the others… but it wears nicely; I wouldn’t eat much with it on, though.)

✨sparkle sparkle, b✨,


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