Daily face-skin-care routine.

My face-skin-care routine used to be more elaborate, it did. But I’ve found that ever since I have made it as minimal as I could my skin takes care of itself much better. I am generally not a fan of putting too many chemicals and unknown ingredients on my face which is one of the reasons why I take time testing out different creams, lotions, and products in general.

My current daily routine consists of Lush Fresh Farmacy face-wash soap, Avène Hydrance Optimale UV Legere, Avène Thermal Spring Water, Ziaja’s manuka tree cream, and Garniere Micellar water combined with Biobaza cleansing gel.


Morning routine:

  1. I start the day by washing my face with Lush Fresh Farmacy  soap. This was recommended to me by a Lush employee. It has a pretty expected (beautiful) smell, and leaves my skin feeling a bit more dry than usual (this is fine because it helps with keeping my face less shiny during the day). If you are someone who has mild issues with this (shiny face) I would recommend this for morning face routine. Price? For a piece of soap that lasts me 1.5-2 months I spent approximately 4.5€ (~$5).
  2. After washing my face I generally apply a light coat/spray of Avène Thermal Water just to freshen up my skin + give it back some of the moisture it lost. I’ve had the 150 ml one for a while now and here it costs around 8€. The US Avène site says it costs $14. (** The HRK, Croatian kuna, value in dollars is around $9, I don’t know why the US prices are that different.)
  3. Once the thermal water has dried/soaked in I proceed with the hydrating cream. Avène Hydrance Optimale hydrating cream is the only moisturizing cream I’ve tried that did not make my skin react. My skin tends to be quite sensitive so I took time in trying out different products and have found that Avène products are what works for me. This cute little cream came around 18€ (40 ml) but it’s actually quite affordable since you don’t need much product to cover/hydrate your whole face. At the US site the listed price is $32. (** this is once again much more than the counter value calculated from what the cream costs in HRK, Croatian kuna… which is around $20.)


Evening routine:

  1. I take of my make up using Garniere Micellar Water and coconut oil (because, coconut oil is good for everything). Micellar water (400 ml) costs around 5€ ($6) here, and coconut oil varies in price a little bit but generally about 400 ml of coconut oil costs the same, ie around 5€. I’ve found that this combination manages to remove my makeup quite successfully compared to other methods I’ve tried.
  2. Once I’ve taken off all my makeup I wash my face with Biobaza gel, which is chamomile and zinc based, and is supposed to balance the pH of your skin + prevent break outs. This product is, I think, Croatia based (not based, I mean I know I can buy it here but…) and I am not sure if (or where) you can buy it outside of Croatia. Personally I think it does keep my skin clean and prevents break outs well. It retails at about 30 HRK (4€; $4.5), it’s really mild and good for sensitive skin, plus I tend to have one bottle for about 6 months.
  3. And finally when my face is clean and ready for bed I use either Ziaja Manuka Tree daily cream (yes, for nighttime… because night creams are too heavy on my face) or coconut oil, depending on the state of my skin. But I have decided that coconut oil interacts better with my skin compared to most nighttime creams I’ve tried. The cream I adore because it is not heavy on my skin, and it does not leave it feeling greasy. It retails for about 6.5€ ($7.2) here, in Croatia; on their official site the price is $12.99 (again, what???).


Anyway, lovelies that’s it for my daily face care routine. Hopefully someone is inspired to try some of these products. I think it’s a simple routine, and I do believe that often times less is more. I can not tell you enough times how much I truly adore each of these products and believe that they’re worth the money. If you wish to know more about my skin type and my medium struggles with it I will soon share a separate page on that part of me.

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    1. I used to be quite lazy with mine, but I figured you can give your skin a lot of help and it doesn’t have to take hours 😀 (honestly, I spend less than 10 minutes per day on mine)


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