Ride or die lipsticks.

I mean I wouldn’t kill for them… but I might seriously maim.

(just kidding, I am not a violent person)

Anyway, hello and thanks for checking this post out. I’ll just quickly recap some of my favourite lipsticks with all of their good sides and bad sides (because nothing is ever perfect, really), and I hope that someone gets some good info from it or you get inspired to buy really nice (really cheap) stuff. Because I am all for nice and affordable, I wish life in general would be nice and affordable.

Without further ado…

The top of my list, the top of all tops (which might come as a shock to my friend) is Deborah’s Fluid Velvet Mat Lipstick. I have this in shade… to be honest I am not sure what the name is but it’s 02, and it is a pinkish nude. Oh, and it’s supposed to be long lasting. Let me tell you, this shit lasts LONG. I mean I wore it to this long ass dinner where I ate approximately four courses (dessert twice) and drank so much wine, and it did not budge. I was there with my boyfriend. There was kissing involved. And the lipstick persisted. True it did not look as perfect as before the kissing, but neither of us looked like clowns and it did not smudge.

Plus, I wore it for approximately 8 hours on another day and it only wore off after I bought a popsicle and proceeded with eating it for the next half an hour. It’s a ride or die. It’s a fave. 10/10 (there are probably other better lipsticks but this is my new fave and I don’t care)


Next on the list is wetnwild’s, I think, some long lasting matte lipstick in a really dark shade (Cherry Bomb). This one is a bit trickier or harder to apply? It does not really glide over your lips but it stays FOREVER. It might smudge a bit if your run your hand all over your lips (so, don’t do that), but it stays for a really, REALLY long time (can’t say if it would stand against the trial with kisses because my boyfriend was afraid of it). Like I had to scrub it off (which is probably not too good for your lips). And the lipstick distracted everyone so much that for that one whole day no one really listened to me. True story. I mean they listened but the general consensus was that my lips were so dark and distracting that they couldn’t possibly understand half the things I was saying. (6.5/10, a bitch to apply but no one will care if you say really dumb shit; cons: you have to try really hard to take it off)


And following this very distracting lipstick we have something a bit less in your face. We have Avon’s matte lipstick in shade “it looks peachy here but it’s a pinkish-peach on my lips”… also it’s called Pure Pink and it smells like angels. (it really does, I was surprised a lipstick could have such a lovely scent). Again we have a matte product, but I actually don’t mind the shiny it’s just a coincidence! I actually love sparkles and glitter (I mean I sign off with sparkle, sparkle). Anyway I got this a year ago alongside a red shade (Red Supreme; does not smell like angels) and while I love this shade I am not too big on the red one. Mostly because I have 3 similar shades so it’s just one on the list. What I can say is that these lipsticks feel very creamy and nice, and they are really matte so no worries there. Plus, unless you are chugging down a lot of beer and eating really messy foods it will stay in place. That being said it does not stand the test of kisses. (8/10)


Next in the fashion of matte colours we have a matte bright red. This is a lipstick I got from my aunt and I think it isn’t a big brand. It’s by a brand called Aura, Absolute Matte in the shade That’s Amore. This is also supposed to be long lasting. It survives food, but is yet to be tested on kisses. My boyfriend’s favourite lipstick shade is bright red and somehow he has managed to never EVER see me wearing this. It’s quite an achievement. It feels really thin on my lips, but it is drying. Not too bad though. (9/10)


We finally have a non matte one! It’s here. This shade and lipstick was probably the second one ever that I bought with my own money. It is one of the essence lipsticks in the shade Blush My Lips, and it is THE MOST PERFECT super pink shade. I shit you not. I love this shade so much! It is amazing. I do have to use a lipliner with it, because it just makes the lipstick stay better (lipliner is also essence… Honey Berry shade). (8/10)


Before I end this post I would like to clarify that the ratings here are purely based on what I own/have owned, so these are in no way the greatest lipsticks out there… but for the price the quality is p good.

And don’t think this will be a strictly makeup blog. It won’t. It’s going to be a ~~me~~ blog, and ~~me~~ means makeup and nailpolish and haircare stuff. But it also means binge watching TV shows, getting ready listening to YouTubers, and creating truly weird scenarios in the Sims (also building houses, I love building houses).

Stick around.

✨sparkle, sparkle… b✨,


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