[uh b-jek-tiv]

something that one’s efforts or actions are intended to attain orΒ accomplish; purpose; goal; target.

What is the objective of this blog?

I would say it’s an outlet for my, more or less, egoistic and narcissistic thoughts and opinions which I assume people would love to read.

Seriously, now. The objective, the idea is to share what I have learned in my 22Β (I’m lying, I will be turning 23 on 28th of April, so long to feeling 22) years of life, which is arguably not that much but still I believe I have some experiences to share. If I run out I’ll just go out and make some new ones…

… This brings me to the other part of the objective (I like this word, it’s spy-like). The other objective is for me to actually go out and do stuff that I would not (perhaps) do and share the outcome.

Plus I’ll totally share my attempts at makeup, random walks through nature, architecture I like, and shopping trips (to IKEA).

That is the objective, I hope you stick around.

✨sparkle, sparkle… b✨,


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